About Us

At Fx Trading Pro we are committed to making forex trading simple to understand and operate for the average trader. We believe that our task is achievable thanks to over 40 years of combined experience in banking, brokerage, trading, and technology in the financial services industry.

We are an independent forex brokerage company providing forex trading solutions to individual traders, institutional traders, brokers, and money managers. Our executive members and principles are committed to developing a positive trading experience across all platforms for the various clients we serve. We harness the experience of the team to provide a secure, reliable and fast trading solution without a conflict of interest.

Our trading platforms are powerful, reliable, user-friendly and highly-customizable for desktop and mobile. Our Metatrader 4 trading platforms combine the previous attributes and further gives you complete control over your trading decisions. This enhances our mission of providing you with a superior forex trading experience through the use of our simple and secure trading solutions.